Passport in Kiev

Registration of the passport.

Our company is engaged in processing of passports from 2007. Since then, thousands of people to obtain passports without waiting in line and do not collect any extra documents.

Make a passport as possible with our firm and yourself.

In a separate registration is necessary: OVIR come to the place of residence and get a list of required documents for registration of the passport. Rewrite the list proplat that need to be done and details. Then arrange the help of nesudimosti, take a certificate from the recruitment office (if guy), an extract from your offices and make the necessary number of copies. By gathering the documents needed proplatit all the necessary receipts and OVIR come in early. It is desirable for a couple of hours before the opening to catch to get an appointment with the inspector. Once an appointment will need to be photographed and fill out the form below. On the day when the passport must be ready to come back you need to OVIR, wait for their turn and then you can find out whether he has signed, and whether its chief. If all goes ucpeshno — you are a happy owner of a new passport.

When registering your travel with our help if you need to bring a copy of the passport of Ukrainian citizen and a copy of an identification code. OVIR come in and be photographed without waiting in line, and take in that day passport ready.

The advantages of working with us:

  • There is no need to collect the entire set of documents, we do it for you alone
  • Shall be made in Kiev, Kiev, even without a residence permit
  • Ability to design an urgent passport from 3 days
  • There will proplachivat a bunch of receipts for various properties
  • Complete the legality
  • Big savings of time and nerves
  • No need to queue up in OVIR daily scanning and a day of issuance of the document

Learn the cost of processing passport.

Вопросы и Ответы

Olena on 10 Январь, 2013 at 20:45 #

Dobroe vremya sytok.

Ya vishla zamyj v Britain 2,5 goda nazad, takje polychila pravo na postoyannoe projivanie zdes.
Ne mogy vzyat familiyu sypryga do sih por. Zvonila v konsulstvo, snachala yya doljna pomenyat Ykr. passport, tak kak poka eshe yavlyayus grajdankoy Ykraini, dozvonitsya v Luganskiy passporniy stol ne mogy.
Propiski v Ykr passporte nety, tak kak jivy za granicey, i vremennuyu polychit ne mogy, tak kak negde. Mogy li ya predostavit kakoy libo dokyment s Anglii, o moem meste projivanii?

Podskajita pojalyista, chto delat. Ya yje ne znayu k komy obrashatsya.

Zaranee blagodarna

S yvajeniem,


Администратор on 11 Январь, 2013 at 10:36 #

В любом случае придется прописаться. Попробуйте поискать фирмы в украине, которые за деньги прописывают, либо пропишитесь к кому из знакомых на 1 месяц.

Irina on 16 Июль, 2015 at 09:09 #

Zdravstuyte ! ya zhivu v USA . moy pasport zakonchitsa v Noyabre. ya budu v Kieve 17 Avgusta , 3 nedeli. Zdes’ obnovit’ ochen legko — prosto pasport i den’gi ! no po kakoy to prichine zdes net korochek ! i mne nado eto delat’ v Kieve ! kuda idti i chto nado dlya etogo ?
Spasibo za vashe vremya. Irina

Администратор on 16 Июль, 2015 at 10:45 #

максимально быстро это 5 рабочих дней , 1990грн биометрический паспорт. нужно гражданский паспорт Украины, инн, заганпаспорт

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